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Skin Essentials

SKIN ESSENTIALS is a line of Papoutsani-branded items that distinguishes out for its excellent quality and competitive pricing. It is an accessible luxury for both travelers and hoteliers. SKIN ESSENTIALS products offer a distinctive fragrant experience as well as distinctive body and hair care thanks to its mild glycerin composition, cleaning and emollient ingredients, and citrus, sandalwood, and cedar fragrances. The product line comes in stylish, eco-friendly packaging.

SKIN ESSENTIALS series consists of:

• Shower gel (20ml & 35ml)
• Moisturizing Body Cream (20ml & 35ml)
• Shampoo (20ml & 35ml)
• Emollient Cream (20ml & 35ml)
• Herbal Soap (15gr)
• Herbal Soap (25gr)