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We take great satisfaction in providing visitors with personal care items that are safe for the entire family.

Moskov and Son
“Moskov and Son” provides a selected range of cosmetics, cleaning and disinfection products for hotels. Our main goal is solving problems and satisfying customers’ needs. We accomplish this thanks to balanced formula, quality ingredients, impressive looks and fine scents of the products, all of it highly valued by the guests. These characteristic features make our company an industry leader.
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GFL - cosmetics
Enhance our leadership in the guest amenities industry and its derivates by cultivating our distinctive strength made of quality products and innovative solutions that have a positive impact on people and sustainability.
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We are a Greek company with a global orientation. We believe in a future that is built with fresh ideas and we pursue it with a faith in our tradition and heritage and a commitment to innovative products that become a reference point in the domestic and international markets. Papoutsanis signature is associated with authentic soap, pure raw materials and the unique ingredients of the Mediterranean.
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