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The Rerum Natura

The secret formula of nature

A collection that was expertly made using traditional herbal knowledge. 

Cosmos Organic’s line of certified organic cosmetics is created and made to be efficient while being kind to the skin and the environment.


Titus Lucretius Carus, a Roman philosopher, composed a poem titled De Rerum Natura in the first century BC. The Rerum Natura is the epitome of a cosmetic brand inspired by genuine herbal medicines with the same goal of explaining “the nature of things.”


The clean smell of all The Rerum Natura Cosmetics was created using only pure botanical essential oils. Their powerful scent is kept for pure well-being after being distilled from aromatic botanicals. They preserve this exquisite perfume that makes one think of mother nature’s warm hug thanks to their expert blending. There were no artificial perfumes utilized. Each of our nourishing and mild compositions, which support the restoration of skin’s health and natural attractiveness, has a combination of this distinctive aroma.


The Rerum Natura line of cosmetics is COSMOS Organic Certified across the board. This certification procedure ensures that the finished product will be able to open a new frontier for innovation and higher standards. Anywhere in the world, a COSMOS certified organic product is guaranteed.