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A large variety of models are available in the dispenser packaging, all of which have been meticulously and tastefully created with a “green” soul. In order to provide our customers with a product that may be both safe and incredibly practical for the hospitality industry, attention to product design also involves taking care of all safety features and financial factors.

Anyah Dispensers

Gentle daily formula all-in-one with white dead-nettle extract.

An Eco-labelled product formulated with essentials and active ingredients. The bottle is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. Non-Refillable dispenser with Locked Pump.

In 100% post-consumer recycled PET 480 ml + PUMP  88,71 g of CO2
Bottle 480 ml + PUMP 168,44 g of CO2
LCA data for full packaging

Prija Dispensers

Dispencers 380ml with pump:

It’s an evergreen choise for hotels and public areas. Extremly Flexible, thanks to a wide range of accesories they can be placed almost everywhere.Prija accessories are made of 100% recycled paper, with pre-cut opening. We have eliminated single-use plastics bags from our accessories.

Herbalogica Dispensers

Dispencers 350ml with pump:
Softening liquid soap of 96% natural origin*, with peppermint oil.
Energising shampoo & shower gel of 96% natural origin*, with aloe vera extract.
Nourishing hair conditioner of 98% natural origin*, with olive oil.
Hydrating body lotion of 92% natural origin*, with olive oil.
Wall holder Inox for dispencer 350ml